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Jaguar Land Rover Grassroots

JLR_CMYK_200mm Logo.jpg

As Manager of Creative Services at Além International, I acquired an understanding of Jaguar Land Rover as a unified luxury automotive brand, while also distinguishing the two brands individually. To help visualize the similarities and differences, I created montages for each brand separately and then another "mood board" representing both brands coexisting together. Jaguar embodies more of an edgy, sleek energy, while Land Rover evokes an elegant ruggedness. Together the brands create a rugged resilience; an elegant endurance.

To represent both brands equally during a multi city reception event I worked with a national décor company to coordinate a consistent vibe in each setting that was brand fitting. I created a neutral pallet of whites, creams and slate greys accented by yellows, golds and sleek chrome finishes that capture the energy of Jaguar. I incorporated wood tones, reflective surfaces and earthy succulents to convey the warmth of Land Rover. This program proved that no matter the city nor the setting, great design can create an atmosphere that reflects a feeling and in this case, a brand.

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