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Gaiam Brand Shop | Lord & Taylor 5th Ave. NYC

As Store Design and Visual Merchandising Manager at Sequential Brands Group, I created a unique Brand Shop showcasing the Gaiam brand within the Lord & Taylor flagship store on fifth avenue in New York. 


The retail space draws customers into an inviting experience. From the reclaimed looking floors, to the locally made fixtures, everything about the atmosphere feels authentic. The natural finishes highlight the overall concept and showcase the hardgoods as well as the apparel line.


Accented by worldly décor inspired by the origin of Yoga, the space transforms into a retreat from the everyday chaos. Whether that retreat is in the form of simple 5-minute massage or zoning out behind a pair of virtual reality goggles, the space provides the comfort and ease to seek peace and balance. I designed the fixtures to be moveable so that the area can function as studio space for yoga and fitness classes along with impromptu eduction activations and events.

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