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Celebrate Conservation

As the founder of the Sierra Club, John Muir was America’s most recognized and influential environmental conservationist. He observed the unity and coexistence of all elements intertwined together. Showcasing this unity, I created a rhythmic motion using hand rendered type. John Muir’s life and passions are celebrated annually on John Muir day, every April 21st. As an invite, one receives a seed packet to literally spread growth.


This celebration is not meant to be inside; Muir embraced each and every environmental atmosphere in the beautiful outdoors. Instead of printed signs and banners, Muir’s inspirational words are projected onto the very surfaces he so loved. This adds a new sense of reflection both literally and philosophically for all to observe in an overwhelming grand essence. As a take–away from the event, biodegradable jute bags and aluminum bottles are given to participants to instill purpose through sustainable materials.

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