Gaiam Window Display | Bed Bath & Beyond, NYC

As Visual Merchandising Manager of Gaiam, I had the opportunity to design and install the brand's first window display showcased on Avenue of the Americas in downtown New York City. To begin the Spring season, I injected a sense of growth, renewal and healthy lifestyle choices with the support of our Restore product line. As Bed Bath & Beyond provides the platform for these top selling products, I embraced their benefits and artistically conveyed the flexibility and strength that each embody. View the installation in action here!

From concept to creation, I set out to design a dimensional landscape using the products as my medium. I literally chopped up dozens of yoga mats into malleable strips that I transformed with traditional quilling techniques on a larger scale. Yoga-posed mannequins popped out from the tactile back wall, featuring bright hues from Gaiam's Spring apparel line. I incorporated various sized foam and muscle therapy rollers to add depth, texture and layers to the composition.