Gaiam Brand Shop | Macy's Easton Town Center

As Visual Merchandising Manager of Gaiam, I had the opportunity to showcase the brand at Macy's newly renovated “Store of the Future” in Easton, Ohio. From concept to creation, I outfitted a 566 square foot space with an assortment of hardgoods as well as a Macy’s-exclusive apparel line. Centered around a massive
6 foot wide by 10 foot tall LED digital wall, the Gaiam Brand Shop embraced the harmony between cutting edge technology and innovative design. A dynamic motion graphic featured user generated content from Gaiam gurus nation-wide along with a unique video that showed how Gaiam's products can be incorporated into anyone’s everyday life. 


The vibrant energy from the digital display carried over into the retail space. Bright and bold hardgoods accented tones within garments and accessories. Custom fixtures with neutral, light woodgrains and modern, lacquer finishes elevated the atmosphere and created a platform for product to be the focal point. A curated wall
of unrolled yoga mats created a textured visual impact and also showed the customer an array of stylized mat designs at full scale. 


The most exciting part for me was designing an atmosphere where the physical 
experience influences the relationship the consumer has with the products, the brand and their own personal practice.